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Hallucinated Pakistan 16

Wake up!Pakistanis looking forward to you. Dreams are about to come true. Facilitation is about to facilitate. Every demand will be granted. These are the magic words which every Pakistani wanted to hear it from their sincere leaders since 1947; after the death of Quid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistani got its independence on 14 August 1947 along with India from British colonialism. Pakistan is now 63 years old, but still has very weak infrastructure. Pakistani nation is looking for sincere leaders and honest parliament. Pakistani nation needs to adopt Islamic values and education and need to think positive in order to forward Pakistan.

 Hallucinated Pakistan 17

Education is also the biggest phenomenon in Pakistan. Education should be equal and must for everyone. Public school should be free of cast and provide better education. Education is not for the job, but it changes your soul and mind. Educated person has it own standard and values which distinct him from other uneducated person. Education plays a vital role in the human capital formation. It raises the productivity and efficiency of individuals and thus produces a skilled worker that is capable of leading the economy towards the path of sustainable economic development like many other developing countries. The situation of education sector inPakistanis not very encouraging. The low enrolment rates at the primary level, wide disparities between regions and gender lack of trained teachers, deficiency of proper teaching materials and poor physical infrastructure of school indicate the poor performance of this sector. Government should have that policy that every intended graduate should teach at least for six months in order to graduate.

In view of the foregoing defects and shortages, our system of education calls for a radical change. One of the first and most stupendous tasks that face us today is to overhand and reconstruct our educational machinery that the regeneration of the nation depends. We have to devise as early possible a comprehensive national scheme of education which seeks to bring about a complete and harmonious development of all the factors of human personality. Young generation is in a very intense environment.

Youth ofPakistanis also very unfortunate for their environment. They are growing in a really crucial era. Where they wanted to follow western civilization, but their values and ethics are not letting them do so. They are in constant rivalry of heart and mind.Pakistangot its independence in the name of Islam. Now a day we are trying to adopt western civilization; where as,Pakistanis rich with its beautiful traditions and values. Everybody wants to win the race of English accent. The Majority of Pakistani feels ashamed to speak Urdu therefore, Dishonesty and disrespect becomes root of any discipline.

We have strong values about our day to day activities. When we are as a nation started to degrade our values. Our lives started to miss peace of mind and heart. Among all civilizations of the world Islam is very different than Western civilization in all aspects. Islam has a different concept of relationship between God and men, between Church (Musjid) and people, between wife and husband, between parents and children, and between state and its people. Many people discuss these factors but they fail to further explain the conflict between Islam and the West in the light of these elements. It is also important to mention different views civilizations have on right and responsibility, liberty and authority, and equality and hierarchy. A narcotic is also spreading like an epidemic.

Smoking is also common in young generation. Widespread drug abuse may be indicated by the fact that almost five percent of the adult population is using drugs inPakistan. ButPakistanis not alone in fighting this disease. With the globalization of the drug abuse problem in the last two decades, the situation has gone from bad to worse, so much so that the United Nations Commission on narcotic drugs no longer discusses individual situations. It has argued that the solution does not lie in the hands of individual countries. It has to be worked out through mutual efforts by South Asian countries. There is so much need to be done in immediate basis.

Pakistan is a nuclear power country, but basic necessities for individual are missing. Government should establish and regulate a policy which helps to forward and stand among developed nations. It is hard, but not impossible. We cannot and should not leave everything to the government. The education sector is not exclusively the obligation of the government. If the governments and NGOs cannot cope with the responsibility, then why shouldn’t the private sector do something to balance the lack of good education? Education provides the base for the socio-economic development. An educational system of poor quality may one of the most important reasons why poor countries don’t grow. It is evident that the without teachers’ transformation we cannot transform the education system for improving the quality of education. We are trying to adopt other nation’s civilization even though our own civilization is very strong. We should follow our civilization otherwise we will not among those proud nations.  Drug is not fun it is a disaster. It’s better to be safe rather then to have regretted…smoking is injurious we all know that but there is need to have insight which is very very important. And we all can make the difference.

What do you think?

Written by Sajjad Naveed

Digital Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Web Master, Freelance Web Developer. Pakistani with green blood, based in Kuwait.


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