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Cupping/Hijama Clinic in Kuwait

Where to find Hijama Experts

Cupping/Hijama Clinic in Kuwait 14

What is Hijama?

Hijama is a method of healing recommended by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hijama is highly beneficial and when performed right, it can get rid of a lot of problems & diseases.

Types of Hijama / Cupping

Bleeding Cupping – Islamic Way

Bleeding cupping or wet cupping is the Sunnah method and is the oldest, most frequently used and often the most effective method of cupping. A surgical instrument is used to pierce the skin and suction cups are then applied on different points on the body to collect contaminated & dead blood cells. Most Muslim cupping therapist are trained for the Sunnah cupping points on the body. According to Sunnah, the suction cups are applied on the back area, in between the shoulder blades, slightly upwards the neck. Moreover there are other Hijama/cupping points too as shown in the above diagram, however for someone who just wants cupping done to follow the Sunnah, that is main area where therapist will apply the cups.

Wet Cupping Hijama Therapy

To see how wet cupping method is used and how wet Hijama is performed, please watch below video to gain more knowledge.

Dry Cupping / How Does Dry Cupping Work?

A glass cup is warmed by burning an alcohol-soaked cotton ball inside of it.
This removes the oxygen in the cup, which creates a vacuum.

The cup is turned upside down and placed on the patient’s back.
The vacuum created by the lack of oxygen anchors the cup in place and draws the skin into the cup.

As the skin is drawn up into the cup, blood vessels on the skin’s surface expand. The cups are left for 5-10 minutes.


Drawing up the skin in the cup is believed to open up the skin’s pores, which helps to stimulate:

  • The flow of blood
  • Balances and realigns the flow of qi
  • Breaks up obstructions
  • Creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body

Following Infographic by Tara Corran explain the process in more details

Infographic By Tara Corran / QMI Agency
Infographic By Tara Corran / QMI Agency

Massage Cupping

In this method oil is applied to the skin and then cups are moved with a weak suction to the area which needs to be treated.

Herbal Cupping

A suitable herbal tincture is applied to the area which needs to be treated and then suction is applied.

Hot Cupping

Dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) leaves, sometimes called by its Oriental name, Moxa, is a great warming herb. A needle is used, warmed by dried mugwort and then the cup is applied over the needle.

Hijama Points

Shenla Ch. has mentioned some important Hijama Points in the following diagram. These are the points on the back of body where Hijama can be performed for different problems and ailments as mentioned with each point in the diagram.

Hijama/Cupping Point By Shenla Ch

Hijama/Cupping Point By Shenla Ch

Islamic Narrations for Hijama

Hijama is the best of remedies

Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) reported that the Messenger (saw) said,

Healing is in three things: in the incision of the cupper, in drinking honey, and in cauterizing with fire, but I forbid my Ummah (nation) from cauterization (branding with fire).

[Sahih Bukhari – 5681, Sahih Sunan Ibn Maajah – 3491].

Anas ibn Maalik (ra) reported that the Messenger (saw) said,

When the weather becomes extremely hot, seek aid in cupping / Hijama. Do not allow your blood to rage (boil) such that it kills you.

[Reported by Hakim in his ‘Mustadrak’ and he authenticated it and Imam ad-Dhahabi agreed – 4/212].

Hijama / Cupping may be used to treat headaches

Salma (ra), the servant of the Messenger (saw) said,

Whenever someone would complain of a headache to the Messenger of Allah (saw), he would advise them to perform cupping / Hijama.

[Sahih Sunan Abu Dawud – 3858].

Hijama while fasting or in the state of Ihram

Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) said:

Allah’s Messenger (saw) was cupped on his head for a unilateral headache while he was in a state of Ihraam.

[Sahih Bukhari – 5701]

Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) reported that the Messenger (saw) was cupped while he was fasting.

[Sahih Bukhari – 5694].

Anas ibn Maalik (ra) was asked:

“Did you dislike cupping for the fasting person?” He said,

“No except for the reason of one becoming weak.”

[Sahih Bukhari – 1940].

Benefits of Hijama (Cupping Therapy)

Hijama has stimulating and strengthening effects so it successfully treats the following conditions:

  • Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Period pain
  • Injuries
  • Asthma
  • Cellulite
  • Fatigue
  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Emotional problems
  • Atrophy
  • Sciatica
  • Common cold and flu
  • Skin problems
  • Weight loss and much more.

Hijama Clinic in Kuwait

There is no government or privately registered Hijama/Cupping therapy clinic or center in Kuwait, at least up to our Knowledge. However there are many individual Hijama / Cupping Therapy experts out there who conduct Hijama therapy at their place as well as you can call them to setup an appointment to conduct Hijama session at the place of your convenience as well. Hijama therapy is available for both male & females.

Few known and experienced Hijama Experts are mentioned below:

  1. Mr. Tariq – For Men [ English/Urdu/Hindi Speaking ] – Mobile/Whatsapp: +965 66150771
  2. Madam Nasreen Sheikh – For Female [ English/Urdu/Hindi Speaking ] – Mobile/Whatsapp:+965 66529191
  3. Abo Abdullah – For Men  [ Arabic Speaking ] – Mobile: +965 65631606
  4. Um Abdullah – For Female [ Arabic Speaking ] – Mobile: +965 66810545

Interview of Hijama Expert in Kuwait

The following is a guest blog-post in the form of a written interview by Abu Shofiyah Rasto Gunawan, a male cupping therapist from Kuwait.

  1. Please give us a short introduction about yourself, and in particular how you ended up being a hijama therapist?
    I am a nurse. Since in the nursing college, I actually became interested in treatment based on Islamic divine revelation such as drinking honey and eating habbatus sauda (black seed) and Al Hijama until finally in the year 2007, there was one event Al Hijamah Training, in the town where I live in Cirebon, Indonesia. A qualified Ustadz named Kathur Suhardi who teaches how to do Hijama with good technique and refers to medical standards.

Since then I started doing Al Hijama for my family and friends. Amazingly the results were very good, most of them feel their fitness and wellbeing return.

One year later, a lot of friends who wanted to have Al Hijama done started coming to me and after that, usually they tell others and recommend Al Hijama as a therapy to try to overcome their health problems or at least in order to apply the sunnah of our noble Prophet peace be upon him.

I am very pleased also that Al Hijama is very closely related to my profession as a nurse. In Hospital I suggest to many patients to do Al Hijama as well as taking their prescribed medicines by the doctor.

  1. What particular illnesses/ conditions (if any), do you specialise / had the most experience in?
    I have treated mild high blood pressure, for example 140/100 mmHg and mild increase in cholesterol level and lower back pain.
  2. And do you find that in your experience, the conditions/illnesses that you have come across respond well to cupping (hijama) therapy? And if so, what are they?
    Some problems that I frequently handle include: acute and chronic headache, asthma, hypertension and hypotension, stiff neck, back pain, lower back pain, leg pain including knee problems and numbness, arthritis, haemorrhoid and allergy (food and weather).

Almost all the problems I handled shows good results, some of which in fact show a result straight away as in the case of hypertension and hypotension, after Hijama usually the blood pressure becomes close to normal BP 120/80 mmHg, even the little cases (borderline) became perfectly normal. Subhaanallah wal hamdulillah. And in the case of stiff neck, after hijama usually the patient will feel light and free, as well as patients with back pain.

But if the problem has been longstanding, the result is felt usually after a bit longer eg. about a week and some even a month for recovering.

Amazingly, all my patients in therapy, alhamdulillah, sensed something different about their bodies, they feel light and fresh, even some of them who feel lost weight after hijamah because the body feels lighter. That is how I have myself felt after my first time of hijama.

  1. Also what would you say about using cupping as a general preventative therapy and how often would you recommend this (once a month? once/twice a year?)
    I recommend doing Al Hijama as a preventative therapy, at least once or twice in a year and select the day and date according to the sunnah for best result. But those who have problems with high blood sugar, I recommend once every two months if doing at the same point. If someone has many problems, then it should be done every month on certain points.

In a lifetime, at least do Al Hijama once in order to practice the sunnah of our beloved prophet peace be upon him.

  1. As a hijama therapist, how often do you get hijama done yourself, and what for (if any specific condition) and who do you go to to get it done (since it is not an easy therapy to self-administer)?
    For myself, I have had Al Hijama done by one of my friends. It was for reducing my blood pressure and cholesterol, headache and preventative purposes.
  2. What is the overall prevalance of hijama therapy in Kuwait? Is it available in hospitals and clinics as a valid alternative / sunnah therapy?
    As I know, in Kuwait most of the Hijama they are doing in their private house, not in clinics nor hospitals. There are many Hijama Therapists in Kuwait but it is still not available in any hospital. We hope in the future it will be recognized and approved by the government.
  3. Whereabouts is your clinic or practice located in Kuwait?
    I am living in Hawally Block 12, Street 140, At Al Bahman Buldng No 1143, 4th floor, Flat No. 16
    Telephone: +96566646806
    Email : [email protected]
    Blog :

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  1. Assalamoalikom warhmatoolah wabarkatahu/Good morning.i am Mohammed saleheen.
    I want to learn about hijama/cupping with please guide me how can I be come a good hijama therapist.

    • Brother.Rameej that’s wrong allegation we use all disposables stuff.You can try some other trick to malign names.Appreciate your compliment JazakAllah anyways.

      • I have done my hijamah therapy with Ms. Nasreen and Mr. Tareq for my shoulder injury, one year i wasn’t able to go gym, doctor advised me to do surgery but i did hijamah and had a great experience and got 100% results from it now i am able to workout in gym like before.
        JazzakAllah khair for your best service.



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