Prostitution gang busted in Salmiya undercover swoop

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: Organized gangs of prostitutes have been found to be renting apartments in Salmiya where they carry out their illegal acts under the pretext of providing massage services to improve health even under surveillance of the Ministry of Interior. The gangs work as a network, starting with the hunt for clients who are dragged into apartments, especially during holidays and tourism season.
Security officers recently raided three apartments in Salmiya where they found pictures and other proof of the illegal activities. The gangs were active during the Eid holiday despite the intensive security operations within the vicinity.

Several Asian women were caught in the act of encouraging GCC and Kuwaiti youths to avail the massage services they offer. They convinced the potential clients that they will enjoy massage and other services for only KD30, while giving the number of a taxi to take them to the prostitution dens.

The taxi driver took the Al-Seyassah reporters to a building and he instructed them to go to an apartment there. The taxi driver collected KD5 per client. Surprisingly, the location was an authorized gym with a big sign board with colored light. A half-naked woman opened the door, after assuring that those knocking on the door were clients, so she welcomed them with an intimate greeting. The place looked like a discotheque rather than a gym, especially with a group of young women and the lights. The clients were free to choose women who will massage them and then they were asked to remove their clothes. The game ended with the introduction of immoral acts in exchange for KD30; hence, the client could demand for anything. The reporters were able to take some photos of the place using their mobile phone cameras.

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