iPhone XS Releasing, What To Expect?

Apple Launch Event on 12th September 2018 at 8pm Kuwait Time

iphone xs 2018

Apple will be releasing the new iPhone, along with a bunch of new products at their California event.

New handset rumored to be joined by a host of new products at California event. Most awaited Apple launch event is all set for 12th September 2018, at 8pm Kuwait time.

Rumors are that Apple is about to show off the new iPhones – & it’s not just done, but three, all three incorporating the design of the iPhone X but loading in new features and sizes. For now we are not sure what those new models will be called.

According to reports, phones will be available for public after 1 week of launch event.

Last year, Apple had launched the iPhone X, a pricey smartphone that introduced a new all-screen design. iPhone X 64GB variants is currently selling at 300KD & 256GB variant at 339KD.

iPhone XS and XS Plus – What’s New with Apple?

iPhone XS Releasing, What To Expect? 16

This year, Apple has planned to cash on that design with two sequels for the phone.

One will reportedly be called the iPhone XS, a direct successor to 2017 model.

While the other will be an up-sized version called iPhone XS Plus – boasting a huge 6.5-inch screen as per some reports.

Both models are tipped to have OLED displays, with one measuring 5.8 inches and the other clocking in at 6.5 inches.

The latter being the biggest screen ever seen on an iPhone, outplaying most Samsung phones as well.

May be an iPhone 8S?

The 8S – or maybe something with similar name, we are not yet sure. However what we know for now is that it will inherit the general design of the iPhone X but does not come with some premium features such as rich OLED display, that its size will be something in between of XS and XS Plus, and that it will be the cheapest of the 3 devices.

Expectations are that Apple will be adding a new A12 chip, designed in-house specifically for the iPhone.

2018 new models will come with iOS 12.

iOS 12 boasts app loading times, new animated Memoji.

There’s also a new Screen Time feature that lets you track (and limit) the amount of time you spend in apps.

Apple may also launch Apple Watch Series 4, some new accessories & few tweaks to iPad Pro.

Fingers crossed for Apple Launch event on 12th September!!


We will keep you posted about the prices of iPhone new 2018 models once released in Kuwait by different vendors.

What do you think?

Written by Sajjad Naveed

Digital Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Web Master, Freelance Web Developer. Pakistani with green blood, based in Kuwait.


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