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شركة الخليج للتأمين

فيّ من الخليج للتأمين معاك بكل مكان

FAY by Gulf Insurance , With you everywhere

:فيّ من الخليج للتأمين معاك بكل مكان يوفرلك :

• تغطية تأمينية لغاية 100الف دينار كويتي
• أكبر شبكة طبية محلية وعالمية لخدمتك
• تسهيلات ومرونة في السداد
• اعتماد الموافقات الطبية على مدار الساعة طوال أيام الأسبوع

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Production By: Felaso Productions

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Gulf Insurance Company launched its TVC ad in Kuwait across multiple online & offline media channels to promote their Fay Medical Insurance Plan.


FAY is a private & comprehensive medical insurance product. It covers inpatient and outpatient medical services including dental and maternity with high annual financial limits starting at KD100,000/ and up to KD500,000/

You can choose from a variety of plan (FAY, FAY Pus, Fay Dual or Fay Regional) depending on your needs in terms of type of network, outpatient deductibles (10% or 20%), area of coverage, etc.

We offer 24/7 customer support service & Medical call center comprising of paramedical staff & physicians available at your disposal for any assistance or queries.

FAY has a direct settlement facility through a large & reputable network of medical providers in and outside of Kuwait. Members are also able to receive treatment abroad with Fay Dual and Regional plans.

For more Information on FAY please click on the following:


Gulf Insurance Group – Kuwait

Ahmed Al-Jaber St., Al-Sharq, Kuwait
P.O.Box 24518 Safat-13106 Kuwait

Tel: 1802080


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