Protesters demand resignation of PM

Protesters gather in front of Parliament, demand resignation of PM
Protesters gather in front of Parliament, demand resignation of PM
Protesters gather in front of Parliament, demand resignation of PM
Protesters gather in front of Parliament, demand resignation of PM

KUWAIT: Protesters gathered in front of the National Assembly for another Friday of Anger, their discontent aimed at the paralyzed nature of the Kuwaiti political scene. Most of their displeasure is aimed at His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah.

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior stated that it was completely ready to deal with any gatherings at Determination Square. Police officers were seen taken their positions, along with police rails, Friday afternoon and early evening in order to stop any massive gatherings at the square. However, soon enough a number of citizens did manage to get together and some gave long speeches. As the group grew, they shifted from the square and situated themselves in front of the National Assembly. The crowd composed of more than two thousand individuals, with organizers insisting that the number of those gathered were much bigger, was encircled by the police.

Heavy security presence can be clearly seen all around and many individuals, whether they were part of the protesters, observers, or passing through, were questioned. A seating area and a stage was set for organizers and officials, who participated, to voice their disgruntlement. A number of MPs, including MPs Waleed Al-Tabtabaie, Faisal Al-Mislem, Abdulrahman Al-Anjeri, Jamaan Al-Harbash, and Mubarak Al-Walaan, among others, were also present at the gathering and gave strong speeches against members of the executive authority.

Al Watan Daily was able to speak to one of the youth organizers of the event, Faisal Al-Dafiri, who is a member of the youth group, the Fifth Fence. “What’s going on tonight, like the last three Fridays, is to affirm our calls to remove the Prime Minister,” he said. He added that the group also wants the government to meet all the demands that have been made over the course of the year.

Al-Dafiri continued, “He (Sheikh Nasser) has been the Prime Minister for the last 6 years. Seven governments were made in the last 5 years. Every month he’s making a new government, and all have failed. None that he established has done anything for the country.” Al-Dafiri emphasized, “It used to be all Kuwaitis. Now there is talk of Sunnis, Shiites, Bedoun. He (the Prime Minister) is using the press to pass around false information.” He added, “Questioning in Parliament is always delayed. The last time, Sheikh Nasser delayed (the questioning) for one year. He bought, paid MPs to delay the process of questioning. For six years, he didn’t do anything for Kuwait. How long will he do this?” When asked how far the groups will go, Al-Dafiri said, “We will do this every Friday. Last Friday, we had three thousand. He (the Prime Minister) said that only two thousand showed up and do not matter. Now we gave him four thousand to show clearly that we don’t support him.

His supporters that came are less than twenty.” On how these protests came about, the youth organizer noted, “We used to have conferences and talks between MPs and various youth organizations. But nothing has been happening, so we decided to hit the streets. Last Friday, we walked from Al-Safat Square to Parliament. This Friday, we, the youth movements, voted to have a gathering at Parliament.” When asked if the Fifth Fence or he had any message to Kuwaitis, Al-Dafiri said, “If you believe that Nasser Al-Mohammed does not deserve to be in his position, come next Friday and give us your support. He doesn’t care for laws, he doesn’t care of right and wrong. He just cares about the numbers on the street. We want to help the country and get us out of this mess.

Prime Minister, please leave quietly and peacefully. Enough is enough. You have destroyed the country; we have been trying to build Kuwait.” Attempts to talk to security personnel have been fruitless, none were willing to talk. As for any supporters for Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser, who did appear last Friday, none seemed to have come.

By : Ricky Laxa ,Staff Writer  – AlWatan Daily

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