Dhaba Karhai Recipe – Eid Special – By Food Fusion

Dhaba Karahi in English

– Mutton 200 gm (To make hand chopped mince
– Mutton ½ kg
– ginger garlic paste 1 tbs (for mutton boiling)
– salt ½ tsp
– Tomatoes 6-8 (medium)
– Ghee ½ Cup (if using desi ghee then use ¼ cup)
– Ginger Garlic (g/g) Paste 1 ½ tbsp
– Coriander Leaves ¼ cup
– Green chilies 4-5
– Salt to taste or 1 1/2 tsp or to taste
– Crushed Red Chilies 1 ½ tsp
– Grounded black pepper 1 tsp
– Whole Spice mix powder 1/2 tsp
– Roasted and grounded coriander seeds 2 tsp
– Roasted and grounded Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
– Whole Cumin Seeds ½ tsp
– Turmeric ½ tsp
– Whisked Yogurt ¼ cup
– Julienne Ginger 2 tbsp
– Fenugreek leaves 1 tsp
– Lemon Juice 2 tsp


– Finely hand chops 200 gm of mutton and set aside.
– Boil the Mutton with 1 tbsp of g/g paste and ½ tsp of salt with enough water so meat is full done. Set aside.
– In Karhai add ghee and G/G paste and Whole cumin and fry a little. Now add mince and fry again. Add the tomatoes and mix well when tomatoes start losing their hardness add mutton in karhai and mix well again. Add yogurt, salt, turmeric, crushed red chilies, coriander seeds. Cover with lid and low down the flame and let it cook with tomatoes and yogurt.
– Check occasionally.
– Once all water dried mix and stir fry well for 8-10 mins on medium heat so ghee leaves the corners with 2-3 green chilies, 2 tbsp of green coriander and few julienned ginger.
– On final stage add lemon juice, remaining green chilies (slit in two), remaining coriander leaves, Ginger, fenugreek leaves, black pepper and all spice powder and simmer for 3-4 minutes.
– Serve immediately within same karhai with Nan or Tandoori Roti.

Credits: Food Fusion

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Written by Maha Ali


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