Becoming Social Media Tools

Becoming Social Media Tools 14

We haven’t been very active lately with the blog or the events and thats because we recently moved out of our home. I had no idea moving to a new place could be this hectic and would take us a long time to settle. However, I finally feel relieved and at home.

Being busy with home and family made me a bit selective when it came to events and social media. I’m more picky now on who should I give my time and what it should be wasted on. Something we should have done long time ago in fact. Recently I have felt that we have become social media tools. we have become the cheapest and most powerful advertising tools to some business’s. They sent an invite, and we are expected to run to that event on time take pics and give them a huge publicity that they might not even deserve. For a piece of paper, a meal or a goodie bag, we are expected to like what ever they are advertising and complement it, Saving them lots of cash.

The idea of a review on a blog is miss understood in our blogging society. Reviewing should include your honest opinion and your experience with what ever you are reviewing. Mention the good and bad because your readers are relying on your honest opinion as a customer like them. And if you are getting paid to review and compliment. Its OK..its your right, but do mention that its a paid review or paid ad ,if I may say ,to be more credible and honest to your readers. You see there is a difference between reviewing and advertising ….

What do you think?

Written by Sajjad Naveed

Digital Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Web Master, Freelance Web Developer. Pakistani with green blood, based in Kuwait.


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